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Software for Human resource Management

Sunday Observer - 11th March 2001

For the progressive organization seeking to transform its workforce into a competitive business asset, QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory has introduced a new forward-engineered solution: the QNET Human Resource Information System, the industry's first strategic human resources management system built on an open client/server architecture incorporating modern data handling and manipulation techniques. Based on a rigorous information-engineering development methodology that uses repository-based business models, the QNET Series of software encapsulates the best human resource practices across industries. 

QNET Human Resource Information System is a human resources application specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations that recognize that the strategic management of their human resources is a key competitive advantage. QNET Human Resource Information System integrates all the features one needs to identify, enhance and effectively deploy the core competencies that are key to an organization’s success. It offers best data monitoring systems and provides a totally integrated event-driven HR functionality. The QNET Human Resource Information System meets the strategic HR needs of re-engineered organizations to identify, enhance and effectively deploy the core competencies that are key to an organization's success. 

The Managing Director of QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory, Dr. Erantha De Mel says “in making correct managerial decisions, the modern day tools available in Information Technology have to be utilized fully and considered a key tool for success in contemporary business environment. A human resource information system (HRIS) is any organized approach for obtaining relevant and timely information on which to base human resource decisions. An
effective HRIS is crucial to sound human resource decision making; it typically employs computers and other sophisticated technologies to process data that reflect day-to-day operations of a company, organized in the form of information, to facilitate the decision making process. What we have developed is a modern Human Resource Management tool that enhances management effectiveness and leverages information access process so that management can best use its’ most important asset, - People”. 

“An effective HRIS should be capable of providing Timely, Accurate, Concise, Relevant and Complete Information to fuel the management process. The absence of even one of these characteristics reduces the effectiveness of an HRIS and complicates the decision-making process. The QNET Human Resource Information System, which provides all the above characteristics, is truly a comprehensive management tool, engineered and customized for modern-day requirements” he also said. 

Its superior technology includes graphical event-driven workflow, which lets the user to organize HR activities and tasks according to key HR events such as new hire, transfer or promotion of employees. It handles HR tasks such as performance appraisals,
management of training schedules, maintenance of skills inventories, management inventories, job evaluation and job re-engineering to name a few. This boosts productivity by improving accuracy, and accelerating the completion of HR events. The software system also incorporates a module for psychometric testing. 

QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory is a subsidiary of Electrosyndicate which was incorporated in 1989; and is involved in application software development and customization, LAN, MAN, WAN & ISDN systems and hardware systems integration. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive range of services in management, consulting and implementation of software solutions. 

With it’s coordinating office in the UK, Electrosyndicate provides consultancy and programming services to clients both onsite as well as acting as an ODC (Offshore Development Centre) in Sri Lanka. It’s sophisticated software development infrastructure and the highly experienced team of technical personnel are capable of delivering quality solutions on time. 

“We work with our clients to reduce the risks associated with project development by providing experienced and competent professionals who are trained in the latest technology. Our focus is on developing state-of-the-art, leading edge technical solutions to meet all our customers’ needs. Our staff of professionals allows us to address a wide variety of applications effectively, testified to by our previous successes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-Commerce Development, Client/Server Solutions, as well as Relational Database Applications and our work in object technologies” Dr Erantha De Mel further said. 




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