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A software system for Self-Evaluation for
University Students

A WHO Funded project for the Faculty of Medical Sciences - University of Sri Jayawardanepura, Sri Lanka.

QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory recently completed a software designing and implementation project for the Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayawardenepura to facilitate students to test their knowledge using computers. This is the first ever online self-evaluation system introduced for university students in Sri Lanka.







Handing over of the Software Application System by Dr. Erantha De Mel - Managing Director of QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory to Prof. M. T. M. Jiffry - Dean of the Faculty.

From left: Dr. Sirimali Fernando (Head of the Department of Microbiology) Prof. M. T. M. Jiffry, Dr. Erantha De Mel, Mr. Manoj Amarakoon, Mr. Lal De Silva of QNET.

QNET Online Self Assessment System is designed to facilitate a self-evaluation process for students. This system enables students to test their knowledge in various subjects, to rehearse and familiarize themselves with actual questionnaire / situations. The software system is capable of accommodating an unlimited number of questions for as many as fifteen subjects per department; and for a total of fifteen departments. Three levels of tests are offered by the system viz. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. On completion of each test, the student is availed of the results and a facility to view the correct answers and references pertaining to each question. A comprehensive set of statistical reports is generated by the system to monitor the performance of students. A very user-friendly graphical user interface is utilized in designing of this state-of-the-art application software package incorporating modern features such as automatic screen updates and embedded data entry screen linking. 

QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory is a subsidiary of Electrosyndicate which was incorporated in 1989; and is involved in application software development, customization, LAN, MAN, WAN & ISDN systems and hardware systems integration. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive range of services in management, consulting and implementation of software solutions. 

Among their recently developed software tools is an Optical Image Recognition Engine to automatically correct Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) answer scripts. 

The key service areas of the QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory are the developing of leading edge technical solutions in e-commerce applications. They provide consultancy and programming services to clients both onsite as well as an ODC (Offshore Development Centre). 

The managing Director of the QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory, Dr. Erantha De Mel. said “our sophisticated software development infrastructure comprising a highly experienced team of technical personnel are capable of delivering quality solutions on time. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible prices to our customers. We work with our clients to reduce the risks associated with project development by providing experienced, competent, professionals who are trained in the latest technology. Providing offshore development solutions, staffed by certified experts in their respective fields, enables substantial cost-savings. Our staff of professionals allows us to address a wide variety of applications effectively, testified to by our previous successes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-Commerce Development, Client/Server Solutions, as well as Relational Database Applications and our work in Object Technologies.”

The software laboratory provides a comprehensive package for Software Development covering - System Analysis, Software Design & Coding, Testing, Documentation, Installation, Training and On-going Support. 

“We offer innovative consultancy services that enable software development and maintenance organizations to establish and implement cost-effective software engineering processes. Our services facilitate all aspects of the software enterprise: Development, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Documentation, and Infrastructure.” 

“We offer Network Integration Services, Implementation and Installation of Multi-Vendor Solutions to meet the needs of today's technology dependant industries. With extensive experience in Multi-Vendor / Multi-Protocol environments, our Consultants provide a single point of contact for network integration needs in such environments” Dr. Erantha De Mel further said. 



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