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QNET Announces the release of a revolutionary Document Imaging Software Tool

Many companies live and breathe in a sea of paper. Over the years, thousands and even millions of documents have been accumulated and daily more files are being added. Storage space alone for those files can be an expensive problem. Wading through that maze of paper document files to retrieve a particular document can be very time consuming, if not nearly impossible. Losing documents altogether is not unusual. Many companies have looked to Document Management Systems to eliminate their paper storage and retrieval problems. By converting their archived files and newly generated files into efficient electronic documents, their document storage space problems are eliminated. With the QNET Electronic Document Imaging System document retrieval becomes almost instantaneous with the click of a couple buttons. Time wasted hand shuffling through paper files looking for documents and then returning those files is eliminated. For many companies, the time and money savings here alone recover the cost of a Document Management System in a matter of months.

Document Imaging is the computer technology used in duplicating an exact image of an original paper document into a computer-readable electronic format. Almost every organization today have business processes buried and bogged down using paper as their primary "media". Paper physically restricts the use of the information.

When information is freed from the physical limitations of paper and converted into an electronic format, it becomes a more valuable strategic resource. The QNET Electronic Document Imaging System allows you to create electronic documents that can be viewed, searched, and printed from virtually any computer or printer while pages retain their original look complete with text, graphics, photos, and colour.

Applications For A Document Management System is Nearly Limitless. Efficient document management is no longer a neat idea that would be nice to do someday. Efficient document management is a necessity to maintain a competitive edge.



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