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QNET Human Resource Information System


QNET Human Resource Information System is a human resources application specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations that recognize that the strategic management of their human resources is a key competitive advantage. QNET Human Resource Information System integrates all the features you need identify, enhance and effectively deploy the core competencies that are key to your organizationís success. It offers best data monitoring systems and provides a totally integrated event-driven HR functionality. The QNET Human Resource Information System meets the strategic HR needs of re-engineered organizations to identify, enhance and effectively deploy the core competencies that are key to an organization's success.

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A human resource information system (HRIS) is any organized approach for obtaining relevant and timely information on which to base human resource decisions. An effective HRIS is crucial to sound human resource decision making; it typically employs computers and other sophisticated technologies to process data that reflect day-to-day operations of a company, organized in the form of information to facilitate the decision making process.

The QNET Human Resource Information System is designed for Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000. Its superior technology includes graphical event-driven workflow, which lets you organize HR activities and tasks according to key HR events such as new hire, transfer, or promotion of employees. This boosts productivity by improving accuracy, and accelerating the completion of  HR events.

Key Areas Covered by the System

  •   Personnel Action Management
  • q  Position Planning
  • q  Psychometric Testing
  • q  Hiring Process Management
  • q  Management inventories
  • q  Requirements Forecasts
  • q  Job Analysis
  • q  Skills Inventories
  • q  Job Re-Engineering
  • q  Potential Assessment
  • q  Training Schedules / Workforce Development



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