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QNET Document Imaging System

Document Imaging is the computer technology used in duplicating an exact image of an original paper document into a computer-readable electronic format. Almost every organization today have business processes buried and bogged down using paper as their primary "media". Paper physically restricts the use of the information.

  • Professionals spend 5-15% of their time reading information, but up to 50% looking for it!

  • 90% of corporate memory exists on paper!

  • Of all the paper that get handled each day in the average office, 90% are merely shuffled!

When information is freed from the physical limitations of paper and converted into an electronic format, it becomes a more valuable strategic resource. The QNET Electronic Document Imaging System allows you to create electronic documents that can be viewed, searched, and printed from virtually any computer or printer while pages retain their original look -- complete with text, graphics, photos, and colour.

Applications For A Document Management System is Nearly Limitless. Efficient document management is no longer a neat idea that would be nice to do someday. Efficient document management is a necessity to maintain a competitive edge.

Key Benefits

  • Information at your fingertips (Minimum Search / Response Time)

  • High Speed Data Access

  • Maximum Security & Confidentiality

  • Automatic Workflow Management / Monitoring


Document Management & Electronic Imaging Consultancy Services:

Document management is frequently thought of as a single, fixed technology. In its most limited sense, the scanning of documents, it is that simple. However, when the term document management is used, it most often refers to the entire set of technologies which include many complex process applications.

As you can see, there are many issues that must be addressed if a document management system is going to be implemented effectively. Project managers need to either develop a basic understanding of all the available technologies or retain the assistance of someone who possesses the knowledge. QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory, as specialists in contemporary imaging technologies, fully understands these issues and is equipped to handle any document imaging / management requirement.


Complete Turnkey Document Management Systems:

We believe our Document Imaging / Management Systems will give you a quantum leap in the efficient management of your documents.


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