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QNET Software for the Medical Profession


QNET Healthcare Data Management System

Today’s healthcare enterprise is redefining the way it delivers care. With the need to reduce cost and enhance patient care equally important, healthcare organizations must make more effective use of their resources across geographically dispersed care settings and medical specialty groups. QNET Healthcare Data Management System is a Clinical Information System designed on a scalable, fully integrated client/server network architecture that delivers patient information when and where it's needed most - at the point of care.


QNET Healthcare Data Management System is perhaps the most complete patient information management system ever conceived. It is leading the way to better healthcare by:

  • Creating electronic medical records

  • Providing healthcare process automation technologies

  • Providing a clinical data repository that serves the point-of-care system

  • Reducing costs and improving the quality of care

  • Creating an integrated information infrastructure for all clinical environments and providers

  • Creating a technical environment scalable to business requirements that is reliable and accessible

  • Providing end users the mechanism for structured and adhoc queries into clinically oriented databases for retrospective analysis, as well as serving online clinical decision support.

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QNET Doctor's Desktop



The QNET Doctor's Desktop provides patient-centered information for clinicians to allow the assessment, planning and delivery of healthcare to be managed in a manner which advances the interests of the patient and adds to clinical learning.


This fully customizable software tool is designed for use with multi-tier client-server information system architecture as well as an optional single user system.


The software system is able to access and maintain data on any file server connected to the organization's information systems network using SQL standards. The software contains:

  • Patient data recording module

  • Clinical assessment tools

  • Care plans

  • Clinical document storage and retrieval

  • Test / procedure ordering and results reporting

  • Electronic mail and messaging

  • Personal and public diaries

  • Online clinical textbooks

  • Access to public / private information networks

  • Telemedicine hookups



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