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QNET Personality Predictor

The Psychometric Assessment System

The QNET Personality Predictor is a personality assessment tool that gives you detailed information about the motivational style and temperament of people. This innovative software tool is an Artificial Intelligence based Expert System designed for personality profiling. Used for job applicants or employees, you will have vital information beyond what conventional hiring methods will tell you. Critical factors of personality, and the things you really need to know to predict success, will be at your fingertips - simply, quickly, and inexpensively.

In today’s highly competitive world, recruitment and retention strategies are of paramount importance.  The right decision is priceless. Selection errors can have a wide-ranging impact on your organization on the whole.  On the contrary, the immediate financial implications would be a high turnover of staff, leading to costly recruitment campaigns, and wasted training expenditure.  There are other negative factors to consider as well.  Lost opportunities due to incompetence, loss of future business from existing clients and the inevitable stress on all concerned.  Set against the cost of poor selection decisions otherwise, these tests are relatively inexpensive and provide evidence to challenge erroneous and haphazard stereotypical  judgements often made by interviewers. 

The delivery of psychometric tests has come a long way since the last century, but these are still designed to aid the selection of only the best possible candidate.  Poor selection can easily lead to business failure as mentioned, and the future of selection is very much a question of uniting the power of the computers with proven psychometric methods. In other words, the future of psychometric testing lies with computers and the huge potential of the internet. That is not to say that the traditional pencil and paper methods are dead and buried, but with the speed, convenience and accuracy offered by technology, the computer based systems must be seen as the way forward.

The pie chart below illustrates the factors that make up our personalities. When hiring a new employee, information related to any of the areas depicted here is useful in formulating a decision, but in most cases these decisions focus only on areas such as Knowledge, Skills and Intelligence. Most managers however agree that people rarely fail due to the lack of Knowledge, Skills or Intelligence, but invariably fail as they are unsuitable in terms of Temperament & Motivation. This is the area that the QNET Personality Predictor measures for you.


The QNET Personality Predictor  measures Temperament & Motivation.


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