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Our Consultancy Services

General Consultation

Covers a wide variety of offerings not otherwise specified in the core services normally provided by the QNET Software Engineering Research Laboratory. General consultation may include Business Requirements - which will assist in defining how an organization communicates today in order to prepare advanced technology services, hardware and communication links that may improve the business as a whole and allow for increased productivity.

Return On Investment (ROI) development, risk analysis, competitive analysis and industry trending are other areas that fall under the general consultation umbrella. 


Network Integration Services

We offer Network Integration Services, Implementation and Installation of Multi-Vendor Solutions to meet the needs of today's technology dependant industry. With extensive experience in Multi-Vendor / Multi-Protocol environments, our Consultants provide a single point of contact for network integration needs in such environments.

With the explosion of client/server type technologies, the demand for increased bandwidth and the complexity of today's networks is greater than ever. This phenomenon drives the increasing need for assistance in today's complex technology deployment. Our Consultants can assist in Site Planning, Network Design, Installation and Configuration, Equipment Staging, and Network Analysis and Troubleshooting. 


Network Installation and Configuration

Complex products usually have a significant impact on network operation. Therefore, it is very important that this type of equipment is properly configured and implemented into the customer’s networking environment. Otherwise it may cause network inefficiencies, degradation or even failure, which can be very costly to the customer. Our consultants are highly trained to integrate network equipment in the customers’ environment and are also well versed in a wide variety of inter-networking LAN/WAN products and protocols, which enables them to provide a total network solution.


Network Assessment Service

Do you want to understand better how your network is performing? Are you planning to implement additional network applications, but don’t know if they will overload your network? Do you need to convince management that your network needs to be upgraded? If so, our Network Assessment Service (NAS) can help you.

The Network Assessment Service is a brief review of a network’s design, performance, and operation by highly experienced network professionals. Expert findings and recommendations concerning improvements to the network’s design and performance are provided. This service is the right choice when:

  • A brief non-vendor biased review of a network’s infrastructure is desired

  • There are non-emergency network performance problems occurring

  • The network needs to be prepared for future network application implementations 

After the network assessment work is completed, a professional report of findings and recommendations will be produced. This report will document network performance statistics collected, document problems, and provide recommendations for resolving the problems.


Software Consultation

We offer innovative consultancy services that enable software development and maintenance organizations to establish and implement cost-effective software engineering processes. Our services facilitate all aspects of the software enterprise: Development, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Documentation, and Infrastructure. 

The areas we cover are as follows:

  • Setting up of Policies and Standards

  • Software Development and Maintenance Methodology Definition

  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

  • Software Configuration Management (SCM)

  • Software Process Assessments

  • Software Systems Engineering

  • Network Analysis and Design

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

  • Independent Testing Services

  • Software Project Management  


Contact Information
Our contact details are as follows - 

Telephone +94-11-3172677 

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Snail Mail 
188, Rajasinghe Mawatha, Borupona, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka.  

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Webmaster: webmaster@qnetsoft.com 

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